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Orime`s Herbal Products was established in 2015, with a vision to manufacture superior quality natural herbal cosmetics and body care products that are reasonably priced and conform to international standards. We started our operations with a sound infrastructure and a team of industry experts. Unraveling the beauty secrets of nature, we manufacture and supply high quality herbal products and natural cosmetic products that have set a in the industry. We are one of the most trustworthy and highly respected privately held manufacturing companies in health care and beauty care products from Agra. Indian herbs and its significance are reckoned worldwide. Its growing demand in the indian market makes it an invaluable gift of nature. Orime`s is most sought for its medicinal and ayurvedic properties. We offer our clients to have a competitive edge in the market by supplying them the right kind of products that includes herbal cosmetics, natural herbal cosmetics, herbal cosmetic products, natural cosmetic products. Herbal Products The key words that define our company's objectives are: · Customers · Innovation · Quality In other words, our primary aim is to meet the ever-evolving needs of our clients. To achieve this objective, we continuously strive to innovate and develop new product range, keeping quality and client satisfaction in mind. Herbal Products Increasing realization amongst consumers to use safer natural products, has led to the rising popularity of Orime`s. Orime`s plant is a small, desert shrub which is grown in dry, arid soil and weather conditions. Herbal Products All these products are manufactured to fulfill the quality standards and acceptability norms of india and hence are widely accepted in domestic markets. We are offering a wide range of herbal hair care and body care items. We can also provide customized solutions as per the buyer's requirements and specifications. Herbal Products We follow a streamlined and stringent manufacturing process, with special attention being paid to the quality of the raw material used. The raw materials used by us are procured from natural resources that are organically - grown plants and herbs from natural habitats. Advanced techniques in extraction, blending, mixing, filtering, straining, etc. are implemented that ensures all our products are produced hygienically. Herbal Products Apart from the automated support, we consider our manpower to be our competitive edge. Our dynamic and energetic team members have vast experience in this industry. Our management team consists of engineers, pharmacists, chemists, foreign trade management executives and other skilled personnel. They are capable of commencing your assignments to the exact specifications and in the stipulated time period. Our Research And Development team constantly engages in research to understand the market dynamics in a better way and offer innovative products. Our highly disciplined and diligent team has been responsible for the maintenance of the quality of our products. All necessary facilities have been provided to ensure hygiene and cleanliness of the end products. We are open to incorporate innovative ideas and to adapt to the changing times and tastes of our buyers. Herbal Products We lay high emphasis on the quality of our products. Quality being the prime feature of our products we utilize only authentic raw materials and natural elements to manufacture all our products. From the extraction of raw herbs to the final packaging of the products, all stages of production are strictly monitored by quality control experts. Herbal Products Since every market has its own needs and preferences, depending upon the item, we offer our products in various pack styles. We use standardized packaging material, which helps to retain fragrance, property and extends higher shelf life. We also customize the packaging according to our clients' specification based on: 1. Product Quantity (packs of varying weight) 2. Type of Packaging · Packed in poly-packs · Bottles The packaging is done in accordance with the varying environmental conditions, time in transit, etc. depending on the market being catered. To meet the market requirements throughout the year and to enable processing in off-seasons, we have a large and well-equipped warehousing facility. Herbal Products Our Clients Our products have gained immense popularity in the market. We have earned the confidence and trust of a large number of esteemed customers across the India. Due to our commitment and customer-centric approach, we have become a force to reckon within india Dealership Most of the initiative towards the success of our organization can be credited to a strong association with dealers throughout the domestic market. We are an organization that believes in strengthening its network while capturing the mass through its well-established dealers and outlets. We try to reach all the segments of market by forming strong bonds with wholesale and retail dealers. We tend to retain our relationships with them by providing an active support and excellent services. Our current dealers intend to continue marketing and supplying our graded quality products that are widely appreciated. We regularly make efforts to bind with new dealers and always invite them to associate with us, in order to carry on the business in a cooperative manner.
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